LIRIOPE gigantea

Giant Lilyturf –

0125 Shade gardens wouldn’t be the same without this hard working big bold perennial lilyturf. Its vigorous carefree growth and adaptability allow it to tolerate many less than favorable conditions. Giant lilyturf is a semi-evergreen plant native to much of eastern Asia where it is included in both Chinese and Japanese traditional gardens.

The plants have dense spreading clumps of arching strap-like leaves that are glossy and dark green. They are easy to divide and spread around once established. Though lilyturf is grown primarily for its foliage, it does bloom in summer and its flowers are quite showy. It produces poker-like upright leafless spikes of small, waxy, lavender-blue or violet-blue flowers. These stand above the foliage and are followed by near black berry-like fruit in late fall. Birds eat the fruits and spread the seeds.

Plant lilyturf in sites with partial sun to shade and fertile soil with average to good drainage. In full sun plants can scorch, especially where summers are very hot and prone to drought. Most lilyturfs creep and spread over time and are best used as groundcovers. In fact, they can become quite aggressive if not maintained and kept in bounds. This tough plant looks great in many shade garden situations and is at home in Asian-themed gardens.

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Drought Tolerant:
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Giant Lilyturf

Summer, Fall
Light Pink, Lavender, Blue Violet
Dark Green



Companion Plants
Wild ginger – The evergreen, glossy heart-shape foliage of European wild ginger is a fine companion for lilyturf in shaded places. They enjoy similar conditions.
Columbine – In spring the delicate flowers of columbine bloom and light up lightly shaded spots just as lilyturf foliage emerges. Later on the columbine leaves contrast effectively against those of lilyturf.
Anemone – In fall Japanese anemones bloom with lovely pink or white flowers on long stems above handsome compound leaves, complementing both the flowers and foliage of lilyturf.

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