ERYSIMUM linifolium ‘Variegatum’

Wallflower –

0250 This is an exceptional variegated perennial. The beautiful leaves of variegated alpine wallflower have broad, creamy white margins that glow in sunlight. From spring to fall, upright clusters of purplish pink flowers are produced. Though not as robust as the parent species, it is still reasonably vigorous and easy to grow.

From the dry, stony grasslands of northern Portugal and Spain, Erysimum linifolium is semi-woody and forms shrubby spreading clumps of foliage over time. Elongated clusters of pinkish purple flowers are produced from spring to fall and are especially prolific where summers are mild and dry. Where not hardy, it is a popular bedding annual because it’s fast growing, floriferous and tough.

Narrow, lance-shaped, evergreen leaves of green to gray-green cover this low, bushy perennial all year around. Many racemes of four-petaled, fragrant blooms of pinkish purple, lavender-blue or white are produced from spring to fall. The first spring flush is usually the heaviest. The flowers are pollinated by bees and butterflies and are followed by small brown pods. Regular deadheading will encourage heavier flowering.

Full sun and average to poor, well-drained soil is preferred. Once established, this wallflower will tolerate considerable drought. Division is best done in fall. Cold, wet winters can quickly kill Erysimum, especially if soil drainage is not perfect. As the common name suggests, wallflower is ideal for planting along stone retaining walls and in rock gardens. Plants are often short-lived.
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Summer, Spring, Fall
Mauve, Brown
Light Green, White



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