LANTANA hybrid Luscious Series ‘Pina Colada’

Tickberry –

0425 Mounding habit with vibrant cluster blooms. Great summer color, heat and sun lover. Blooms May to September.

Features puffs of small white flowers packed into clusters adorn the dark foliage of this plant.

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Bloom Color:
Foliage Color:
Drought Tolerant:
Shade Tolerant:
Full Sun:
Partial Sun:
Deer Resistant:
Attracts Butterflies:

Pina Colada
Spring, Summer
White, Yellow




Planting Instructions
Growing lantana in the garden is a great way to add color and interest. Simply choose a sunny location and plant them in well-draining soil. Although these plants are tolerant of many soil conditions, lantana flowers prefer slightly acidic soil. Mulching with pine needles is an easy way to raise pH levels in areas with low acid. Lantanas are planted in spring once the threat of cold weather and frost have ceased. Keep in mind, however, that they prefer warm temperatures so new growth may be slow to appear. Once the temperatures warm up though, they will grow abundantly.

While newly planted lantanas require frequent watering, once established, these plants require little maintenance and are even tolerant of somewhat dry conditions. In fact, a good soaking about once a week should keep them relatively happy.
Although it isn’t required, lantana plants can be given a light dose of fertilizer each spring, but too much may inhibit their overall flowering.
To encourage reblooming, cut the tips (deadhead) periodically. Overgrown plants can be given new life by cutting back a third of their growth. They will bounce back quickly. Regular pruning of the plant usually takes place in spring.

Companion Plants
Angelonia – Since lantana has a spreading habit, grow it with an upright plant, such as angelonia, to add height and variation to your plantings.
Pentas – Colorful pentas heads attract tons of butterflies and hummingbirds, and they like hot, dry spots, much like lantana.
Salvia – Many types of salvia, especially blue salvia, look great with the fiery-color cultivars of lantana.

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