IPOMOEA batatas Sweet Caroline Series ‘Bronze’

Sweet Potato Vine –

0548 “The bronzy, deeply lobed leaves of ‘Sweet Caroline Bronze’ are pretty, and its new shoots are vibrant chartreuse green. It is adaptable, easy to grow and has a mounded, compact habit that’s ideal for container culture. This vigorous sweet potato vine was bred at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina and will flowers well when days are short.

The sweet potato is a tender perennial that is borne from edible, fleshy, tuberous roots that have a smooth or stringy texture and sweet flavor. Ornamental forms, like ‘Sweet Caroline Bronze’, are grown primarily as lush foliage plants. The lobed leaves of this gem are warm bronze and compliment lots of colorful bedding annuals. Occasionally, it will produce funnel-shaped flowers of lavender-white.

Sweet potato vine thrives in heat and is as easy as pie to grow. It prefers fertile, well-drained soil and full to partial sun. In warmer zones it will survive winters and grow as an evergreen perennial, but in temperate zones it’s treated as an annual. This is a stellar container and hanging basket plant. It is also perfect for any flower garden where quick foliar color is needed.”

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Bloom Color:
Foliage Color:
Drought Tolerant:
Shade Tolerant:
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Partial Sun:
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Sweet Potato Vine
Sweet Caroline Bronze
Spring, Summer, Fall
White, Lavender
Chartreuse. Bronze



Companion Plants
Angelonia – Golden sweet potato vine is a perfect complement to purple angelonia varieties.
African marigold – Mix orange African marigolds with purple sweet potato vine for a combo that looks great all summer long.
New Guinea Impatiens – Add color to shady spots with purple or orange New Guinea impatiens and golden sweet potato vine.

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