IPOMOEA batatas Illusion Series ‘Midnight Lace’

Sweet Potato Vine –

0547 “The mounding but compact Illusion™ Midnight Lace sweetpotato vine boasts deeply dissected and lobed foliage of glossy deep blackish purple that works perfectly for containers, annual borders and hanging baskets. It withstands partial sun and look great alongside most other flowering ornamentals or as an accent in a tropical vegetable garden.

This tender perennial is borne from edible fleshy tuberous roots and is a vigorous, herbaceous, stubby vines that originate from Central and northern South America. Members of the Illusion™ Series have deeply cut or sharply lobed leaves that have a finer texture that other sweet potato vine selections. Occasionally plants produce funnel-shaped flowers of lavender-white to dusty purple.

Other perks of Illusion™ Midnight Lace are that this plants thrive in heat, are as easy-as-pie to grow and do not sprawl so heavily as to crowd-out nearby plants. It thrives in fertile, moist, well-drained soil and full to partial sun. In warmer zones it’ll survive winters and grow as an evergreen perennial, but in temperate zones it is treated as an annual in containers or as seasonal groundcover. In shadier locations or when temperatures cool, avoid wetting the foliage as to keep the plant looking its best.”

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Bloom Color:
Foliage Color:
Drought Tolerant:
Shade Tolerant:
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Sweet Potato Vine
Illusion Midnight Lace
Summer, Fall
White, Lavender
Dark Green



Companion Plants
Angelonia – Golden sweet potato vine is a perfect complement to purple angelonia varieties.
African marigold – Mix orange African marigolds with purple sweet potato vine for a combo that looks great all summer long.
New Guinea Impatiens – Add color to shady spots with purple or orange New Guinea impatiens and golden sweet potato vine.

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