ALTERNANTHERA ficoidea ‘Partytime’

Calico Plant/Joseph’s Coat –

0422 The colorful foliage of ‘Party Time’ is especially eye catching. Its green, wavy leaves have hot pink streaks and blotches. Some leaves are entirely pink and others entirely green. It is a lovely garden compliment to colorful tropicals or more subdued bedding plants.

Joseph’s Coat is a low-growing tropical perennial valued for its bushy habit and glossy, colorful leaves. It is native from Mexico to Argentina where it naturally inhabits open forests with ample precipitation. The variable leaves may be blotched with marks of red, yellow, orange, brown, copper or purple and sometimes have contrasting red venation. When conditions are favorable, mature specimens produce lots of small, white flowers that are ornamentally insignificant.

Grow Joseph’s coat in locations with full sun to light shade and fertile soil with good drainage. It is a beautiful foliage plant that will grow as a houseplant if given bright, filtered light. Plant it as an accent plant for containers or plant it in the garden as a groundcover or edging plant.

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Calico Plant/Joseph’s Coat

Green, Lime Green, Dark Green, Pink, Crimson, Variegated,




Planting Instructions
Sow seed at 55° to 64°F as soon as ripe, or in spring. Seedlings will vary in leaf color. Divide in spring. Take cuttings in late summer. Overwinter young plants under glass.

Plant out after the frost-free date in moist but well-drained soil in full sun (for best leaf color) or in partial shade. Clip back to keep plants compact. Indoors, grow in full light. Water only sparingly in winter.

Companion Plants
Angelonia – Angelonia’s richly colored upright flower spikes look great paired with a variegated form of alternanthera.
Dusty miller – Go for the high-contrast look by contrasting a deep purple-red variety of alternanthera with the silvery foliage of dusty miller.
Fountaingrass – In containers, create a dark-on-dark look with an explosion of purple fountaingrass foliage bursting out from a carpet of alternanthera.

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